Supply Chain Automation and Optimization for a Publication House

Date Added: Nov 2009
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The case study talks about a publishing company that was based at Singapore. With 70 years into publishing books and journals, they had a global presence with branches in some major cities of the world like London, Sydney, Paris and New York. The company began to face stiff competition from their rivals who began to bring out books and journals at a very low price. The publishing house, though renowned for their superior paper quality, began to face a shortage of demand. Although they had a superiors client service, the company had trouble retaining their customers. This situation called for an immediate plan to streamline and automate their whole supply chain procedure. They had to seriously think about cutting down the cost and bring out books with shorter delivery periods. The publishing house business thrived in accordance with seasonal demands. They had to make sure that they fulfilled all the customer demands so they had something to fall back on during the leaner periods. To produce books at low cost they needed to take an inventory of their raw materials and this was where Mahindra Satyam stepped in. They began to do away with outdated IT systems and upgraded to new ones. To solve the problem of the publishing house, the Satyam group began to use Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). They analyzed every step of the publishing procedure, checked for holes in them, mapped out the problem, studied them and came up with a solution to reduce the time and cost involved in publishing work.