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Executive Summary

Novatec was on the lookout for an innovative method of managing the distribution of its CAD drawings and how SwiftView was found to be a suitable tool. Novatec is a manufacturer of plastics production machinery and each of the new pneumatic conveying systems it manufactured required it to work from a new set of drawings, which were created depending on the order of the customer. The company faced a challenge when it came to tracking projects related technical drawings between various departments and its two LANs. Novatec found SwiftView to be the most appropriate solution given it displayed HPGL, allowing any CAD system to produce a viewable and printable file at no further cost. Novatec was able to write shell script programs to automate file translation as well as distribution. The programs were designed such that at a push of a button, it would result in the auto identification of drawing type. This identification was to be followed by the drawing being deposited in an appropriate directory. The case study highlights that using SwiftView decreased print requests and saved time for users as well as the CAD department at Novatec. It also facilitated access to all departments, including sales, a common control and depository of all drawings. SwiftView also allowed control over all hard copies within departments. The case study presents the choices that were available to Novatec and discusses other benefits SwiftView delivered.

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