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T-Mobile Czech Republic Customers Rate Phone Self-Service as Good as or Better Than Live Agent Support

Date Added: Jan 2010
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T-Mobile is a prominent telecommunication service provider in the Czech Republic. This paper studies the efficacy and popularity of its services in the Czech Republic. Specific attention has been paid to its multimedia contact center and VoiceXML Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. T-Mobile employed Voxeo's VoiceObjects phone application server for their self-service phone facility. The paper evaluates the reasons behind choosing Voxeo product. Voxeo was picked over its competitors due to its simplicity and flexibility. This system also was very cost efficient and had lower overheads. The chosen system allowed the company to increase speed of its response. It also helped in quick adaptability based on system usage and caller behavior. Voxeo system is easily deployable on various platforms such as text, video and the web. The paper suggests that the system also eliminated the requirement of proprietary programming skills. Its other advantage was the flawless integration with IT infrastructure and call centers. This led to saving of time, money and other resources. It also reduced the time required to train employees for new program. According to the paper, T-Mobile then surveyed its customers to determine the efficacy of the new system. The survey was conducted every two months and it revealed that customers rated new automated phone system better or at least equally good as live agents.