Tax Agency Saves Senior IT Staff an Hour a Day, Plans to Increase Users' Mailbox Size

Date Added: Nov 2009
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The Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (DURS), which collects taxes and enforces the nation's tax laws and regulations, used Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for its enterprise messaging solution. Users wanted larger mailboxes, but this was too costly. DURS also sought to simplify administration and improve availability. Working with Microsoft Services, DURS deployed Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. The new solution has lower disk input/output, so DURS can use inexpensive Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disks for storage and provide users with larger mailboxes while lowering storage costs. The new Database Availability Group feature provides automatic failover to minimize user disruptions. Expanded security and compliance tools help DURS protect confidential information, and simpler administration saves each senior IT worker an hour a day.