Tax Management Services For A Global Bank

Date Added: Jul 2009
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A global bank was looking to migrate all of its tax-related activities from the United States to a new, company-operated facility in an offshore site. During the planning stage when the strategy for the migration was being mapped out, the organization also realized the need for more optimized systems and processes to be in place when the tax function began operating in the new location. For the resolution, the company decided to look for an external firm and chose Deloitte, world's leading business consulting company. Deloitte worked with the company and had it retool its tax processes to achieve greater consistency and efficiency while restructuring the company's U.S. tax staff to meet the unit's objectives. This case study further discusses the way Deloitte provided the company with tax policy design support since the company needed to better align with domestic and international regulations. Deloitte was initially involved in assisting the company with the migration activities. However, recognizing the need for a more in-depth review of its tax department - how it is structured, how it works, who does the work, and what skills are needed - in migrating critical tax function activities to the offshore site, it again sought help from Deloitte to address these issues. To this end, Deloitte designed a new training module and subsequently trained the company's employees in the new location so as to have them better prepared for undertaking their new responsibilities as quickly as possible.