TCM Modernized System Simplifies Complex Business Processes

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Executive Summary

One of the largest privately owned IT companies in South Africa, TCM is an integrated infrastructure and service provider with over 600 staff, offices in all major cities, plus numerous satellite branches. To maintain its impeccable service record and increase customer satisfaction, TCM used Visual LANSA and RAMP to modernize and progressively redevelop its homegrown systems for sales and services, to extend their functionality and to deliver them inside an integrated visual framework that also includes System21 ERP and a document management solution. However, TCM did need to modernize its existing systems, not just by improving the look-and-feel, but also by reworking some of the structural shortcomings and adding new functionality. The LANSA framework significantly reduced the document handling time for both TCM and its customers, as electronic documents are automatically created, archived and distributed on production and can be retrieved when required. Improved agility and a better response to customer needs and market forces has helped in reducing the business cycle time as measured from the initiation of a transaction to the collection of cash. Productive in development, LANSA developed applications also require a dramatically reduced level of maintenance. As Wayne Impey, Chief Financial Officer of TCM, puts it, 'The improved efficiency of the modernized solution has contributed to allowing one to double in size while only having to increase the administrative support staff by 20 percent.'

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