Teachers Involve Students, Gauge Understanding by Using Interactive Presentations

Date Added: May 2010
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Sultan Elementary School is a small school that is situated in a rural community in Washington. They had traditional teaching methods apart from a computer lab equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. The school was looking forward to make the teaching process a more lively and refreshing experience by making the children participate more. Sultan Elementary School wanted to incorporate some kind of interactive teaching mechanism in each of their classrooms, but unfortunately they did not have the financial capability to afford even one. They learned of Microsoft Mischief as an add-on to their Microsoft PowerPoint and decided to give it a try. The school did not have to spend anything extra for this software and the teachers and students embraced this technology. The teachers created multi-choice questions to their presentations and the students engaged themselves in actively answering them. Microsoft Mischief would not only refresh their mind but give them valuable inputs on how to use real time technology. The students could use their own mouse to activate the controls in one single PC itself. Because of this advantage, more students can perform with just one computer and this accelerated the interactive teaching process. Read this case study to know how Microsoft Mischief translated the dreams of teachers to one successful vision. Learn how this solution, enabled the students to learn actively from shared computer resources.