Teaching Hospital Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology

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A large academic medical center in California wanted to implement a Web-based image distribution system to improve access to radiological information for its patients across the entire medical center. At the time, it was making use of film-based radiology system along with Picture Archive Communication System (PACS), which were presenting a few challenges to the medical center. One of the biggest problems with this system was that lot of time was consumed in getting the pictures (results), something that was not liked by clinicians and patients alike. Managing films was proving costly and also, it did not allow effective distribution of the images across the clinic as and when needed. The medical center realized that by switching to an enterprise-wide Web-based solution, it would shorten the amount of time between the information available from a patient's diagnostic radiological imaging study and the next clinical decision by providing ready access to a patient's radiological information from any standard workstation on the center's network. Also, this would effectively decrease the cost of film/image management (including decreased printing, storage and transportation costs). Deloitte assisted the medical center in implementing the enterprise-wide Web-based imaging distribution project successfully. Consequently, the goal of providing radiological information, including images and radiology reports, anytime and anywhere for the client's health care providers was realized. Now, providers could readily access a patient's radiological information from any one of the many workstations throughout the hospital, including those in the operating room and the emergency department and in i40 specialty and primary clinics.