Telecommunications Company Has Success With Real Estate Operations, Systems And Process Improvement

Date Added: Jan 2010
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The corporate real estate department of a large telecommunications company was seeking to reorganize and enhance its customer service and strategic value to the company through improved processes and technology, using the Internet where appropriate. It sought assistance from Deloitte, a leading business consulting solutions provider, for finding efficient ways of doing so. Working closely with this telecommunications company, Deloitte developed a transformation strategy that would define the future state of the company's corporate real estate department along with identifying priorities and set guidelines for implementing projects. The primary initiatives that formed a part of this strategy plan included: streamlining core processes, improving information systems for decision support, creating organizational realignment, designing accountability linked to performance metrics and facilitating change management. The recommendations made by Deloitte were accepted by the telecommunications company and subsequently the corporate real estate department implemented the newly developed strategy plan. Currently, the corporate real state department is making use of the transformation roadmap for setting priorities and determining interdependencies. In addition, it is creating business cases for selected initiatives and identifying return on investment within pre-determined timeframes to demonstrate strategic value to the organization. Overall, the solution provided by Deloitte has helped this telecommunications company to realize its goal of reorganizing through improved processes and technology, thereby also providing enhanced customer service.