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By employing unique, innovative methods, Deloitte was able to provide the required solution to a global bank, which wanted to improve the customer experience of its clients in its highly profitable "transaction services" business. This need arose out of realization by the bank that as the business evolved and clients expanded their global footprint, the bank's traditional country-specific approach to service needed to evolve. Although local business practices remained important, need of the hour was to heed to the demands constantly made by the clients of having more consistent processes and service, and a global view of their transactions. Methods employed by the bank to address these demands include implementing a new global service model with the flexibility to accommodate local and regional needs, and completely revising the processes and technology to support the model. To this end, Deloitte conducted an in-depth analysis of the bank's business needs and regional variations in systems and processes. Deloitte made use of its vast experience in the field of global banking and transaction services to help the bank conduct a global assessment of its existing customer service operations. Following which the detailed recommendations on ways to improve were made to the bank. The results then were used to make suggestions and recommendations on ways for improving the transaction services and subsequently the customer services for these services.

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