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Total Visibility With IFS Applications

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Prime contractor Debut Services (South West) Ltd has the second of five regional contracts released under the MoD's Prime Contracting initiative. Debut Services used IFS Applications as a service management solution because of which it was able to establish a good customer relationship based on total project visibility. The company had a seven-year contract and it included the provision of facilities management services across properties that included airfields and training establishments, and a framework arrangement for design and construction of new projects across the estate. The primary issue for Debut is that it has to deliver and meet client requirements in agreed timescales, while also providing co-ordination and active management of the supply chain. This is required for Debut to ensure that targets are met efficiently and on time. Debut therefore launched IFS Applications for service management so that they are able to manage the contract with efficiency. IFS came as a solution that was able to help service organizations with sundry processes including call management, service order handling, reactive and preventive maintenance, contract management, resource planning, logistics, and service analysis. Because IFS Applications have the ability to consolidate all project information into a single solution, it is able to offer total transparency to the 800 Debut project users. IFS was able to link different delivery sites so that project members and the customer can check work progress. IFS provide users with an open and component-based architecture and therefore the company did not have to make any major alterations to the application.