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Umea University Launches Green Windows-Based Supercomputing on an IBM BladeCenter Cluster

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Collaboration is a hallmark of research and education, especially at Umea University, where a unique collaborative effort has led to the development and implementation of Akka, the fastest Windows-based system in Europe. Built by IBM, Akka belongs to the High-Performance Computing Center North, or HPC2N, a national center for scientific and parallel computing located at the university. Akka is a high-performance IBM BladeCenter cluster that runs both Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 and Linux operating systems. The system is made up of 672 IBM BladeCenter HS21 XM blades running two Intel Xeon processors each. The system also includes four IBM BladeCenter JS22 blades running POWER6 processors, and six IBM BladeCenter QS21 and QS22 blades running Cell Broadband Engine processors.