University of Houston's Advanced Computing Research Laboratory (ACRL) and Texas Learning and Computation Center (TLC2) Uses a Server Cluster Based on the AMD Opteron Processor for Leading-Edge Scientific Research Studies

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Executive Summary

The University of Houston's Texas Learning and Computation Center is a promising research center within the university, supporting the computational sciences and engineering, and computer science as cornerstones of the university's most innovative research. There was a shift of emerging disciplines within the life sciences (i.e., bioinformatics), from being largely experimental to becoming computationally intensive. The challenge for ACRL was to direct its research and development efforts to systems based on new architectures that will dominate the scientific and engineering marketplace before they begin to dominate the marketplace. University deployed AMD Opteron processor Models 246, with 4 GB of memory and four nodes with 4P AMD Opteron processor Models 842, with 16 GB each, an interesting solution to a nagging performance bottleneck with conventional designs.

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