Versatel Calls on Voxeo VoiceObjects for Customer Care Self-Service Phone Portal

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Versatel is a leading telecommunication services provider in Germany. The company required a new way to power its self-service phone system. This case study discusses the company's strategy and the methodology for choosing the new system. Versatel uses the self-service phone system for handling escalating numbers of its customers. The company chose Voxeo VoiceObjects for this purpose. The reasons for choosing this system were its easy integration and flexibility. The system flawlessly integrated with Versatel's existing customer relationship system. It also made financially good investment. Simultaneously, Voxeo VoiceObjects also provided real-time analysis, which increased the customer satisfaction level. VoiceObjects also was helpful in designing a new work flow where customers use a customized dialog which prompts for latest service information. The study found that VoiceObjects's Infostore stores the information in real time. The combined use of VoiceObject with Analyzer helped the company in study customers' behavior. The paper also studies the impact of new technology on an organization's operations. The new system led to the decrease in costs but also enhanced customer satisfaction. The system combines the self-service method with live agent, which helps the live agent in retrieving the information at a faster speed. The system is also capable of handling increasing traffic of consumers. The paper concludes that the transfer to the new technology had a great benefit.