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Vertex Abridges the Path Towards Compliance for Its Supervisor Application Using ArtinSoft's Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

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Executive Summary

Vertex is a leading global BPO and customer management outsourcing business. Pressured by the end of official support for Visual Basic 6.0; Vertex found itself looking for a conversion tool that would allow moving the mission-critical systems to the vastly improved .NET framework, since new functionality was becoming more difficult to develop in the existing applications. Vertex first selected ArtinSoft for moving the Omiga application to .NET. However, a second project followed almost immediately: the migration of Supervisor, an application used for the configuration and monitoring of Omiga. The migration to C# of both applications represented a total of almost 800,000 lines of VB6 source code, and it was quickly done using a customized version of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion tool.

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