Virtual Office Gives BBVA Prevision More Business and Shorter Queues

The BBVA is part of a multinational financial service that is based at Spain. The company is upheld in great regard by their stakeholders because they fulfilled all their expectations by coming out the best in all facets of operations. Their ethical conduct and concern for customers have driven the success of their business. BBVA regularly monitors the opinions of their customers, listens to them thoroughly, and communicates the actions they have taken on the behalf of their clients. Within a time span of one month, they developed a secure website through their partnership with LANSA so that they are able to deliver business solutions quickly and easily. With the coming of this virtual office, they were able to respond to customer queries, check out the account statements, keep track of the details and eventually their customers could do everything that was possible in a real office virtually. The paper clearly states the challenges the company faced before the coming of a virtual office, how they solved it with LANSA web applications, and the benefits they procured by it. The virtual office provided their customers with more flexibility and a variety of options. It made their financial dealings 100% accurate and transparent. It also ensures privacy because the company's clients can look up their account details in the privacy of their home. The success of virtual office has prompted them to take up other projects also with LANSA that are useful to their members and customers.

Provided by: LANSA Topic: Tech & Work Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: HTML

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