Voxeo and Chrysalis Put Payment Transaction Processing Company in Charge

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: PDF

An international payment transaction company that provides a range of cost-effective value-added payroll and prepaid card programs was facing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) related problems. This case study speaks about the company's need for a scalable IVR and the solution provided by Chrysalis software and hosted by Voxeo's Prophecy IVR Platform. The customer's prepaid cards depended on IVR for a number of customer services. The company found that their existing IVR solutions were prohibiting quick and cost-effective launch of prepaid cards. Updating the company's existing IVR provision required third party intervention and took several weeks to complete. The paper shows how Chrysalis Software and Voxeo's Prophecy IVR Platform provided a combined solution. Chrysalis built the IVR and integrated it with a web interface for the company to manage its card programs easily. Voxeo helped host the IVR solution for secure and reliable transactions through the phone. Finally, the paper leads one to conclude that Chrysalis and Voxeo solved the customer's IVR problems by providing a VoiceXML based IVR with 100% uptime guarantee and easy scalability. Further, the new IVR provides easy backend integration via SIP and also includes Vo1P for low cost call transfers to customer care agents. The solution's flexibility, manageability and scalability have eased the customer's IVR related issues.