Want to Manage a LAN From Your iPhone? There's an Application for That

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Edifice Communications provides IT solutions, services and network infrastructure to universities, schools, hotels and hospitals. Therefore, the IT provider required to offer seamless wireless networking to its clients. It is noticed that problems with connectivity often come at a time when the support staff is not around to diagnose problems and fix the issue. Therefore, Edifice requires a robust, high-speed networking solution to ensure that its customers get total connectivity. The networking solution should be able to support regular flow of often high density traffic. They also have to avoid any dropouts, disconnections or other interruptions to service. Simultaneously, large organizations such as universities and hospitals need round-the-clock support. To provide a steady infrastructure and efficient network, Edifice Communications needed to roll out a series of wireless LANs. This was the one way to ensure that clients are provided with the assurance that any networking issues will be solved immediately. Edifice designs, builds and manages networks for seven large private educational institutions. The company came together with Meru Networks to roll out a series of wireless LANs that were supported by E(z)RF OnTheGo. The E(z)RF OnTheGo solution provides technical staff with quick and easy access to a Meru Wireless network anywhere, at anytime. This is a mobile solution that can be used by the staff on their smart phones. It can also be made available on connected devices such as Apple iPhone and iPod touch.