Web Shop Bestel XL Handles 60 Percent of Deli XL Orders

This case study discusses how LANSA helped Deli XL in effectively handling over 60% of its orders. Deli XL is a leading supplier to the foodservice market in Netherlands. It provides and delivers a collection of over 60,000 food and related services and products to its 30,000 clients in the catering, institutional and hospitality markets. Deli XL receives more than two million order lines every month, out of which 60% reach via Bestel XL, their interactive web site that has been developed using LANSA technology. Deli XL also employs Visual LANSA Framework as extensions to its core ERP system. The paper quotes the Application Development Manager, Arnold Hendriks of Deli XL. In his view, Deli XL's customers are now able to set up their own order preferences due to the Bestel XL's flexible architecture. Because of this, Deli XL can support the order processes of its big institutional clients and the small restaurants as well. The paper shows how LANSA's technological support has enabled Deli XL to continuously improve its processes, offer improved customer service to its clients and manage complaints in an effective manner. Any inputs received by the Deli XL customer contact centre regarding the functionality of the Bestel XL website are taken quite seriously and it is ensured that the customer suggestions are incorporated in the following versions of the web site.

Provided by: LANSA Topic: Software Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: HTML

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