Wilson Bowden Integrates With LANSA

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Executive Summary

This paper provides a LANSA case study of Wilson Bowden PLC (now acquired by Barrat Developments PLC). It details how Wilson Bowden was able to implement an end to end CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales and lead generation solution with the help of LANSA. The LANSA integrator made use of XML to provide regular content to an outsourced website and mapped sales leads from the website into the CRM system based on Visual LANSA. Bev Weston of David Wilson Homes group explains that they were able to generate over seven thousand five hundred leads and 400 successful conversions within five months of going live with their new CRM system. He reiterates the efficacy of the new CRM system by expressing his satisfaction about having a proven strategy in place that can handle leads in an efficient manner. The paper goes on to talk about the inner-workings of the CRM system and how it works as a centerpiece that pulls all information together and distributes it effectively to appropriate entities via the LANSA integrator. The information flow has become much smoother, automatic and almost in real-time from one module to another. It has become so efficient that a customer can expect to hear from a sales advisor within fifteen minutes of pressing the submit button.

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