Windows XP Vision Case Study

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: HTML

Steven is a photophobic who suffers from low visual activity and finds it challenging to use the computer for any length of time that is otherwise considered reasonable due to the glare. This case study tries to understand Steven's struggles to when using a computer screen, how he finds the modern TFT screen on his new laptop friendlier, and the various settings he is able to alter - using a detailed Items list - to make the screen most suitable for his usage. It describes how Steven often has to lean in to see most of the screen fonts and shows that even before he begins using a screen, he has to ensure that the screen is free of dust and glare. The detailed items list helps Steven through the next steps. He finds some fonts either too small or large and uses the detailed items list to explore the advance options and choose a size in between. The case study describes how, using this list, Steven is able to not only change the size of the font, but also the color schemes for menus, title bars, windows and preview box. He is also able to save the settings to apply anytime he later wishes to. The case study is accompanied by links to step-by-step guides for users with a similar challenge.