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Wolters Kluwer Licenses the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to Quickly and Cost-Effectively Modernize Its Flagship Accounting/Fiscal Software Product

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Executive Summary

IPSOA, based in Milan, Italy, offers its integrated solutions that include content, software and services in order to help its customers to improve their productivity and efficiency, to reduce costs, and to increase their turnover. PSOA required a more sophisticated approach to deploy the application, since it had to be delivered to thousands of clients frequently. Also, IPSOA was looking towards ensuring continued support from Microsoft and application evolution. Hence, they were considering a migration to.NET, while maintaining the current application architecture. Settling on VB.NET as the target language, IPSOA contacted ArtinSoft regarding the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC). They also got in touch with "Gruppo Reti", an Italian IT consulting company with Microsoft .NET skills and experience with the Sistema Professionista.

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