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  • Building Success on Acquia Cloud: 10 Layers of PaaS

    Ebooks // Jan 2016 // provided by Acquia

    A great digital experience is essential for success in today's digital marketplace. Not only is building, deploying, hosting, and scaling web applications complicated, but leaving resources available that allow for continuing innovation is crucial to ongoing success. To make the most of the resources at hand and to speed time ...

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  • Flight Centre Travel Group Accelerates Digital and Mobile Strategy with Drupal

    Case Studies // Nov 2015 // provided by Acquia

    Flight Centre Travel Group sought a content management system to support growing demand for digital content, marketing campaigns, and online customer interaction. As the travel group expanded, the demand to publish content more frequently and support Flight Centre’s sales and content marketing initiatives increased. The travel group accelerated its digital ...

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  • The Complete Guide to Selecting Your Next Content Management System

    White Papers // Nov 2015 // provided by Acquia

    As digital technology started to become a bit more interesting, the new generation CMS added functionality to keep pace with video, interactive multimedia, and, eventually, the social media revolution, along with the rise of mobile devices and tablets. Digital became as much about business as it had been about communications, ...

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  • Forrester Report: The State Of Digital Experience Delivery 2015

    White Papers // Nov 2015 // provided by Acquia

    Forrester recently surveyed 135 technology, marketing, and business professionals with decision-making roles in customer-facing web and mobile experience delivery to ask about their strategies for the coming 12 months. Forrester found that organizations struggle to manage hundreds of digital properties, with complex challenges like modernizing and integrating disparate technologies, dividing ...

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  • How to Turn Customer Data into Action with Acquia Lift ContextDB

    White Papers // Nov 2015 // provided by Acquia

    Data is what makes the digital customer experience smarter, it’s what makes it personal, and it differentiates between an unknown tire kicker and a life-long, loyal customer. Without data, nothing else can happen. How can you cut through the massive amount of customer information, provide a personalized experience, continue to ...

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  • The Cloud Revolution

    White Papers // May 2014 // provided by Acquia

    Today, cloud computing not only has changed how data is stored, but is permanently altering the role of information technology. In this ebook, we’ll look at IT’s new role in business strategy: producing new revenue streams, guiding the way through the hosted options, taming new cloud-based app workflows, and using ...

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  • Liberate Your Commerce Platform without Selling the Family Farm

    Ebooks // Apr 2014 // provided by Acquia

    This ebook offers a possible solution to businesses that already have made big investments in enterprise commerce platforms, but that also struggle to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of shopping experiences and business models. Drupal’s flexibility, scalability, and rapid deployment capability make it possible to build shiny ...

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  • Putting the Design in Responsive Design

    Ebooks // Jan 2014 // provided by Acquia

    Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the predominant consumer choice, with adoption increasing daily as PC sales diminish in response.Designing your digital site for desktop or laptop, as well as tablets and smartphones within a single codebase, is called responsive design. The promise of responsive design? A single, digital site optimized ...

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  • Drupal Security White Paper

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by Acquia

    Drupal is a mature open-source CMS and framework powering hundreds of thousands of sites on the web. Through peer-review and a growing community of driven experts and enthusiasts, Drupal's core systems have been strengthened to mitigate common vulnerabilities. Drupal addresses the critical security risks, including the Top 10 identified by ...

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  • Surviving the Mobile Tsunami

    Ebooks // Oct 2013 // provided by Acquia

    No longer can we think about mobile as an afterthought . Digital mobile experiences—on smartphones, tablets, digital glasses, digital watches, and more—are what we should be thinking about first. Responsive design is crucial. In addition, a consumer must be able to switch from laptop to tablet to smartphone while engaging ...

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