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  • The Need for Speed: Conversational Analytics for Complex Challenges

    Podcasts // May 2012 // provided by Actian

    Conversational Analytics: The Need for Speed Reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software, the good and the bad Provide a forum for detailed analysis of today's innovative technologies Give vendors a chance to explain their product to savvy analysts Allow audience members to pose serious questions...and get answers!

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  • Maximizing BI Tools for Improved Performance

    Podcasts // Mar 2012 // provided by Actian

    The rise of social media, mobile technology and geospatial data has made increasing amounts of data available to companies. Now more than ever, organizations are looking to mine and extract value from these data assets to drive profits and deliver better products and services. The task of analyzing growing ...

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  • Big Data Analytics for All: Tackling Your Big Data Performance Challenges Without Breaking the Bank

    Podcasts // Feb 2012 // provided by Actian

    While mid-market companies and work groups may not have as many people as large enterprises, they do face similar challenges. Like large enterprises, they too face tremendous competition, struggle with time pressure, and they often have equally large and complex sets of data to deal with. But what smaller ...

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  • BI Survey 10 Findings

    Podcasts // Jan 2012 // provided by Actian

    In the latest edition of the BI Survey 10, results from over 3000 business intelligence (BI) and performance management users were gathered to provide detailed product reviews, market analyses, and best practices. Part of the survey results show that the top three problems businesses encounter are: Data quality ...

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  • Having It All: Breath Taking Data Visualization + Record Performance

    Podcasts // Dec 2011 // provided by Actian

    Seeing is believing, and thanks to the latest data visualization and rapid reporting analytics, you can start realizing your data as it happens. This informative webcast walks you through the newest data visualization and analytics performance platforms on the market. Watch now to discover data visualization insight and learn ...

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  • Delivering Faster BI

    Podcasts // Nov 2011 // provided by Actian

    In today's competitive market, companies everywhere are in need of an efficient and effective business intelligence (BI) tool that provides strong analysis and reporting features without the hefty price tag. Most organizations want a BI offering that has a low total cost of ownership, quick deployment, and supercharged performance capabilities ...

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  • Make Your BI Solution Faster and Easier to Use

    Podcasts // Nov 2011 // provided by Actian

    A slow business intelligence (BI) system can decrease your ROI and value of information. Watch this webcast with Fred Gallagher, CM Vectorwise of Actian, and Ian Fyfe, VP of Product Marketing at Pentaho, to learn some keysteps to increasing your database performance. Watch now to discover a faster, more ...

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