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  • Reinventing the customer experience: Six ways to surprise and inspire your customers

    White Papers // Feb 2016 // provided by Adobe Systems

    The path to innovation requires continually testing new theories with fresh approaches. Act quickly to shrink the time between identifying your next big idea and acting upon it. By always being aware of customer behaviours and motivations, you can continuously fine-tune processes to build more relevant, personalised experiences. Learn more..

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  • EchoSign Webcast

    Webcasts // Sep 2012 // provided by Adobe Systems

    With over 4 million users worldwide, Adobe EchoSign is the leading electronic signature provider, delivering efficiency and security to your the signing process for any document, contract or form. For operations such as finance, HR or legal, EchoSign enables streamlined operations, and for sales EchoSign offers accelerated revenue acquisition and ...

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  • Special Event: Adobe Solutions Exchange

    Resource Center // Jul 2012 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Get an in-depth look at how Adobe can transform your business at Adobe's Solutions Exchange Special Event taking place: Atlanta, GA | July 25, 2012 | 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET Denver, CO | July 25, 2012 | 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. MT Houston, TX | August ...

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  • Legal and Compliance FAQs

    White Papers // May 2012 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Electronic Signatures, also known as e-signatures, are a simple, easy and legal way to get documents and agreements signed. Download this whitepaper and learn about the difference between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures, the legal status of electronic signatures in the US, and how Adobe EchoSign complies to security and ...

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  • On-demand Webcast: Acrobat X Deployment

    Webcasts // Jan 2012 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Easily Deploy Adobe Acrobat products including the free Reader X using the Adobe Customization Wizard X Software upgrades can be a mixed blessing your clients want great new features, but you could do without the headache of deployment. That's why your invited to join Adobe experts to learn about the ...

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  • On-demand Webcast: Simplify Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Deployment

    Webcasts // Jan 2012 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Learn to use Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition, a free downloadable utility that helps IT professionals take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments of Creative Suite 5.5. Discover how to manage the CS5 install and update process on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Find out time-saving tips and tricks and avoid ...

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  • CIO2CIO: Use IT to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience -- and Beat the Competition

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by Adobe Systems

    With today's challenges of the global economy and the onslaught of technologies that give consumers more information and power than ever before, it's never been more critical to business survival to retain current customers while attracting new ones. According to CIO Magazine's "2010 State of the CIO Report," IT leaders ...

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  • Multichannel customer engagement - Building an online marketing strategy to drive campaign effectiveness and business success

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Digital channels are now competing with offline channels as profit drivers. In fact, websites are neck and neck with in-person channels for profitability, and they are now the top priority for future investments. In a recent Forrester Research survey, 66% of eBusiness and channel strategy professionals ranked websites as an ...

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  • Adobe's Approach to Customer Experience Management

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by Adobe Systems

    The financial impact of delivering improved customer experiences is significant. Forrester estimates the annual revenue gains from improved customer experiences can range from $46M to $1.7B, depending on industry. Despite the market opportunity and increased focus on experience, the majority of customers find the experiences with companies they do business ...

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  • EchoSign whitepaper

    White Papers // Nov 2011 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Electronic signatures and web-based contracting represent an inexpensive and automated way to finalize. Electronic signatures deliver a proven ROI of a 200-400% decrease in close cycles allowing businesses to sell smarter, sell more and sell faster. Download this whitepaper questions to see how web-based contracting with Adobe EchoSign can benefit ...

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