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  • Building Your Brand In A Recession: A Truly Strategic Opportunity

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by brandchannel

    If predictions play out, the next 12 to 24 months are going to be a roller coaster as the global economy man oeuvres itself through the sub-prime - fuelled credit crunch. Many organizations are grasping for anything they feel will protect them through this down cycle - "feel" being the ...

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  • Redefining the Luxury Concept

    White Papers // Jun 2005 // provided by brandchannel

    Luxury brands have often been associated with the core competences of creativity, exclusivity, craftsmanship, precision, high quality, innovation and premium pricing. These product attributes give the consumers the satisfaction of not only owning expensive items but the extra-added psychological benefits like esteem, prestige and a sense of a high status ...

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  • Favored to Win: Branding Professional Sports

    White Papers // May 2005 // provided by brandchannel

    This paper points out that in order to make any product work, whether it's a sports team product or whatever, one really need to figure out what the brand is. And in this world since there are so many brands asking for the attention, a lot of it depends upon ...

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