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  • Challenges in Realizing Mobile M2M Global Services!

    White Papers // Jul 2012 // provided by CDG

    As the world becomes smaller and the "Internet of things" becomes larger, mobility and global services, i.e., provisioning, connection management, security, control and monitoring (roaming) of Machine to Machine (M2M) devices have become essential. For instance many modules purchased and provisioned in one location/country need to operate in other countries. ...

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  • MEID and EUIMID Migration

    White Papers // Feb 2011 // provided by CDG

    It has been known for several years that the ESN numbering resource, 4 used for both the handset's Electronic Serial Number and for R-UIM UIMID 5 codes, is close to exhaustion. Due to stringent conservation and reclamation of 6 codes the life of the resource was extended several years beyond ...

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  • The Impact of Mobile Computers and Smartphones on CDMA 2000 Networks

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by CDG

    Over the last decade the wireless industry has witnessed tremendous growth. During a recent one year period, voice traffic increased by twelve percent and mobile data traffic more than tripled worldwide. This growth trend is expected to continue, with some forecasts suggesting that worldwide mobile data traffic will surpass voice ...

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