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  • Optimizing Infrastructure for Software Testing Using Virtualization

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by CERN

    Virtualization technology and cloud computing have brought a paradigm shift in the way the authors utilize, deploy and manage computer resources. They allow fast deployment of multiple operating system as containers on physical machines which can be either discarded after use or checkpointed for later re-deployment. At European Organization for ...

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  • Distributed Metadata with the AMGA Metadata Catalog

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by CERN

    Catalog Services play a vital role on Data Grids by allowing users and applications to discover and locate the data needed. On large Data Grids, with hundreds of geographically distributed sites, centralized Catalog Services do not provide the required scalability, performance or fault-tolerance. In this paper, the authors start by ...

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  • Web Browser History Detection as a Real-World Privacy Threat

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by CERN

    Web browser history detection using CSS visited styles has long been dismissed as an issue of marginal impact. However, due to recent changes in Web usage patterns, coupled with browser performance improvements, the long-standing issue has now become a significant threat to the privacy of Internet users. In this paper, ...

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  • Security in Distributed Metadata Catalogues

    White Papers // Oct 2007 // provided by CERN

    Catalogue Services provide the discovery and location mechanisms that allow users and applications to locate data on Grids. Replication is a highly desirable feature in these services, since it provides the scalability and reliability required on large Data Grids and is the basis for federating catalogues from different organizations. Grid ...

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