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  • On Securing Communication From Profilers

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by Cinvestav

    A profiling adversary is an adversary which aims to classify messages into pre-defined profiles and thus gain useful information regarding the sender or receiver of such messages. Usual chosen-plaintext secure encryption schemes are capable of securing information from pro-filers, but these schemes provide more security than required for this purpose. ...

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  • An Improved Security Bound for HCTR

    White Papers // Apr 2008 // provided by Cinvestav

    A block-cipher mode of operation is a specific way to use a block-cipher to en-crypt messages longer than the block-length of the block-cipher. HCTR was proposed by the researchers. It is a mode of operation which provides a tweakable strong pseudorandom per-mutation. Though HCTR is quite an efficient mode, the ...

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