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  • Market Outlook

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by Citigroup

    Markets have seen a rise in volatility amid concerns over Greece and China. Citi analysts believe neither of these country-level issues risks a turning point for the world economy. Greek contagion risks have greatly diminished in their view, while in China, the government has taken a number of confidence-boosting measures ...

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  • New Opportunities For Onshore And Offshore RMB Liquidity Management

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by Citigroup

    Larger numbers of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are setting up treasury centers on the Chinese mainland and more Chinese companies are leveraging their lower cost base and strong liquidity to expand overseas. The challenges for Chinese and foreign MNCs have included restrictions on cross-border RMB trading and foreign currency liquidity management, ...

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  • Outstanding Idea: Outsourcing Trade

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by Citigroup

    For today's corporations, the ground is shifting. Issues such as globalization, business efficiency, increased specialization and product innovation are percolating upwards in priority. And corporations are now focusing more intently than ever on profitability, working capital, cash flow, technology, risk management and investments. To manage these priorities successfully, organizations are ...

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  • Agency Financing - Strengthening Your Balance Sheet Foundations

    White Papers // Jul 2010 // provided by Citigroup

    As a result of the global financial crisis and the subsequent events in the Middle East and Europe, the focus on capital has increased. Even as liquidity returns, constraints still exist. Adding agency support across the entire financing landscape can reap huge benefits for CFOs and provide resilience to shocks. ...

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  • Enhancing Project Success For Innovation, Efficiency And Competitiveness

    White Papers // Jun 2010 // provided by Citigroup

    As multinationals accelerate their strategies to further globalisation and expansion into the emerging markets, they continue to invest in major capital expenditure projects that are key to establishing and building out local manufacturing and production facilities. These critical investment projects are designed to enhance competitiveness by improving productivity, optimising cash ...

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  • Doing Business In An Electronic World: The Role Of Digital Identity

    White Papers // Jul 2007 // provided by Citigroup

    Consider this scenario: An assistant treasurer of a multi-national firm in Asia, who is an authorized signer on 100 DDA accounts across ten banks, moves to a new job at corporate headquarters. His role, as an authorized signatory, needs to be transitioned to his successor. This changeover involves contacting each ...

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