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  • Is Your Load Balancer Cloud-Ready?

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Build a Cloud computing infrastructure with maximum availability, performance and security. Free guide shows you how the leading load balancing technology can: Support public, private or hybrid Cloud configurations Consolidate and dynamically scale app delivery services Support multi-tenant environments with virtual or physical appliances Ensure "always-on" service for all ...

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  • Scale the Data Tier with NetScaler Intelligent Load Balancing

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Download this free Citrix white paper to learn how Citrix® NetScaler® SQL Intelligent Load Balancing boosts scalability, availability and security in the data tier. Social networking, mobile devices and the upsurge of Web 2.0 have caused exponential growth in data. Businesses seek to access data and turn it into ...

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  • A Pragmatic Guide to Moving to IPv6

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    IPv6 is here! Steady growth in mobile devices and whirlwind Internet adoption in emerging markets will exhaust available IPv4 addresses soon. By moving from 32-bit to 128-bit IP addresses, IPv6 dramatically expands the number of addresses available. Your enterprise must make the transition. It requires careful planning to maintain ...

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  • Scale Up: Take Web Application Performance to the Next Level

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    This free Citrix white paper explains how to improve the user experience for your critical web applications while also reducing costs. Read it to learn how Citrix? NetScaler? provides: Application acceleration - through TCP optimization, compression and dynamic content caching Application scalability - through TCP multiplexing, SSL offload and ...

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  • Integrated Application Firewall Security with NetScaler

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Protect your network from application-layer attacks and deliver apps without compromising performance. Free guide shows how you can benefit from having an app firewall seamlessly integrated into your app delivery solution. You'll discover how Citrix NetScaler helps you: Provide higher levels of security for apps vs. system- or network-level ...

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  • Pay As You Grow Tech Guide

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Meet your current app delivery needs with the added ability to easily scale with future growth. "Pay-As-You-Grow" is a unique solution from Citrix that helps you handle unpredictable traffic and avoid costly over-provisioning - all with an on-demand license upgrade. Get this free guide and also learn: How to ...

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  • Forrester Research on Network Strategy

    White Papers // Feb 2011 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    Free Forrester Report shows how to focus your network strategy on user experience and effectively deliver the services your users need to be productive. This guide helps you understand why network design has to change, with specific insight on: Trends that impact your architecture How to maintain the best ...

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  • Don't pay for server virtualization - Citrix XenServer is free!

    Downloads // May 2010 // provided by Citrix Systems, Inc.

    XenServer is the only free, cloud-proven virtualization platform available, enabling organizations of any size to immediately benefit from server virtualization. XenServer is an open and powerful server virtualization solution that radically reduces datacenter costs by transforming static and complex datacenter environments into more dynamic, easy to manage IT service delivery ...

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