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  • How ComponentOne Web Parts Improve the SharePoint Experience

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by ComponentOne

    ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint contains three Web Parts that connect to all popular data sources and display them in grid, chart, and map form. They are the only Web Parts that gives one a point-and-click interface to select the data sources and completely configure how the data is displayed. The ...

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  • Reduce Data-Entry Form Development Time by 60%

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by ComponentOne

    Creating data-entry forms can be very time consuming and tedious, and maintaining them can be a nightmare. However, with ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms creating and maintaining data-entry forms is no problem at all. The control removes all redundant tasks such as control alignment, spacing, data-binding, labeling, accelerator key generation, and ...

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  • Charting in Reports for WinForms

    White Papers // Dec 2009 // provided by ComponentOne

    ComponentOne Reports for WinForms has always supported chart fields using its extensible custom field architecture. The Chart field is implemented as a custom field in the C1.Win.C1Report.CustomFields.2.dll assembly, which is installed with the report designer application and is also included as a sample with full source code (CustomFields). This paper ...

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