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  • Comparison Between Cloud and Grid Computing

    White Papers // Aug 2012 // provided by De Montfort University

    Cloud computing is the most recent announced technology that has been launched on the network world. Clouds are considered as a new generation of Grid computing. Clouds consist of data centres which are owned by the same institute. The homogeneity within each data centre in the infrastructure is the main ...

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  • Mobile Learning (M-Learning) and Educational Environments

    White Papers // Jul 2012 // provided by De Montfort University

    Mobile devices show a dramatic departure from old-fashion of computing platforms as they no more represent a static or fixed notion of context, where changes are small, absent, or predictable. With this dramatic departure, the expansion and continued evolution of modern mobile devices an opportunity has arisen for much more ...

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  • Adopting E-Commerce to User's Needs

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by De Montfort University

    In this paper, the authors are to identify and analyze the extent to which the site is fulfilling all the user's requirements and needs. The related works comprise the history of interactive design and the benefits of user-centered development, which is the methodology followed in this survey. Moreover, there is ...

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  • Data Confidentiality in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by De Montfort University

    Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) are self-configuring infrastructure-less networks comprised of mobile nodes that communicate over wireless links without any central control on a peer-to-peer basis. These individual nodes act as routers to forward both their own data and also their neighbors' data by sending and receiving packets to and ...

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  • The Ethics of Cloud Computing

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by De Montfort University

    Cloud computing can be described as a current buzz word and research fashion. It is gaining prominence in commercial mainstream computing and even among private end users who are not among early adopters. Cloud computing can raise ethical issues. In many cases these will depend on particular applications and circumstances. ...

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  • The Influence of Game in e-Learning: An Empirical Study

    White Papers // Jun 2010 // provided by De Montfort University

    A human-computer interface is an attempt to mimic human-human communication. In human-human communication, especially in learning, students interact emotionally either with each other or with their instructor in way that minimizes, to some extent, the formality of the learning arena/environment. In web based learning these emotions are usually not present ...

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