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  • Preserving Profits: Attacking Fraud & Theft at the Point of Sale

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by DigitalPersona

    In retail, one of the greatest points of theft vulnerability is at the Point of Sale (POS). This paper reveals current POS employee theft statistics and quantifies the exposure retailer's face when relying on common methods of signing into the POS, such as PINs, passwords, swipe cards and keys. These ...

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  • Biometrics in Banking: From Unbanked to Lifelong Customer

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by DigitalPersona

    The concept of banking the unbanked holds great promise for both financial institutions and unserved customers. Financial institutions get access to large numbers of new customers and the unbanked get access to financial products and services previously not afforded them. The same holds true with the benefits of biometrics. From ...

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  • Controlling Access, Authentication and Data on the End Point: A Review of DigitalPersona Pro 5.1 for Enterprises

    White Papers // Jul 2011 // provided by DigitalPersona

    With security breaches almost constantly in the news, senior managers are challenging their IT staffs to solve security problems before their organizations end up in the headlines. Security breaches are perpetrated by a wide variety of external and internal sources, including hacktivists, targeted attackers, and profit-motivated cybercriminals, as well as ...

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  • An Integrated and Cost-Effective Solution for Access Control and Data Encryption

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by DigitalPersona

    The modern organization finds itself in a precarious situation. Security is necessary, but implementing an effective balance among strength, usability and manageability can be very difficult. Too much security, and end-users will revolt or compromise security solutions, accidentally or intentionally. Too little security and organizations increase the risk that their ...

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  • Protecting and Simplifying Access to Electronic Health Records

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    Market studies show more than 85% of healthcare organizations experienced data breaches in the past two years, at an average cost of up to $2M each. To avoid such losses, many hospitals, medical practices and other businesses are deploying security solutions that can encrypt data and, at the same time, ...

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  • Memorial Hospital Case Study

    Case Studies // Nov 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit independent community hospital that serves the acute and primary care needs of more than 40,000 residents of Union County and five surrounding counties. The hospital required a solution that would provide authorized staff with quick, secure access to patient records. The DigitalPersona Pro endpoint protection ...

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  • Simplifying Compliance With CJIS Security Policy

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy is raising the bar for information security in any public agency whose personnel access criminal and justice records as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice. Regulators are setting new security standards aimed at making sure citizens' information is protected against unauthorized access ...

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  • Jackson Hospital Case Study

    Case Studies // Jul 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    Jackson Hospital is one of the largest not-for-profit community hospitals in Alabama. Jackson Hospital needed a solution that would meet these mandates, while providing a fast and convenient method for physicians and ancillary staff to access their EMR. DigitalPersona Pro provides the IT department with a single control point to ...

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  • MMG Insurance Case Study

    Case Studies // Jun 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    A premier property and casualty insurer in the Northeast, MMG Insurance serves customers in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. The company turned to DigitalPersona for a cost effective and convenient way to improve network security. MMG also wanted to eliminate a process that required its 160 employees to re-type ...

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  • City of Winter Park Case Study

    Case Studies // Mar 2010 // provided by DigitalPersona

    The City of Winter Park employs 550 people serving more than 28,000 central Florida residents. CJIS mandates advanced authentication, such as biometrics, PKI, smart cards or token-based devices, in addition to typical security methods such as usernames and passwords. DigitalPersona Pro integrates with Active Directory making centralized management easy for ...

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