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  • The Current State of Cybercrime 2014: An Inside Look at the Changing Threat Landscape

    White Papers // Apr 2014 // provided by EMC Corporation

    Web threats and fraud tactics continue to increase in number and sophistication as the profitability of cybercrime transforms the nature of the game. In 2013, phishing alone resulted in $5.9 billion in losses to global organizations, and three in four data breaches were attributed to financial or fraud motives. Cybercriminals ...

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  • Compliance Through RSA Security Management

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by EMC Corporation

    If you take the right approach and use the right tools, compliance doesn't have to be the struggle it currently is for many enterprises ? even though it continues to become more complex and stringent. This paper provides five steps to resolving the most fundamental compliance challenges, along with an ...

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  • Security Management

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by EMC Corporation

    This solution brief?on RSA?security?management explores an integrated approach to risk, operations and?incident management and addresses potential problems of tactical?security?management.

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  • ESG Security Management Maturity Model

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by EMC Corporation

    The Enterprise Strategy Group has been actively following the information security market since 2003. During this timeframe, ESG has undertaken numerous surveys involving thousands of enterprise security professionals and conducted hundreds of interviews with CISOs and other senior security executives. Over the past few years, ESG has noticed change in ...

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  • EMA: Data Driven Security

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by EMC Corporation

    In this paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) explores the convergence of these factors in the rise of Data-Driven Security. The range of data sources for such an approach are explored, along with the advantages of data-driven tactics that can vastly improve the effectiveness of threat detection and response, and the ...

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  • EMC VPLEX With IBM AIX Virtualization and Clustering

    White Papers // Jul 2011 // provided by EMC Corporation

    This white paper explores implementing VPLEX storage in advanced AIX configurations using the IBM POWER platform. There are three major sections. First, VPLEX technology is introduced. The next major section covers virtualization with PowerVM, particularly I/O virtualization using Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). The third section discusses implementing local and distributed ...

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  • EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture: Enhancing Data Integrity and Recoverability

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by EMC Corporation

    Behind all their added value, specialized storage systems are built on software and general-purpose computing components that can all fail. Some failures have an immediate visible impact, such as the total failure of a disk drive. Other failures are subtle and hidden, such as a software bug that causes latent ...

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  • Shoehorning Security into the EPC Standard

    White Papers // Jan 2006 // provided by EMC Corporation

    The EPCglobal Class-1 Generation-2 UHF tag standard is certain to become the de facto worldwide specification for inexpensive RFID tags. Because of its sharp focus on simple \"License plate\" tags, it supports only the most rudimentary of security and privacy features, and essentially none of the cryptographic techniques that underpin ...

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