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  • Enterprise GIS and the Smart Electric Grid

    White Papers // Jun 2012 // provided by ESRI

    Electric utilities face serious challenges. As normal demand continues to rise, the transportation sector looks to electricity to answer fuel concerns. The CEO of a major U.S. electric company predicts the impending electrification of the transportation industry. The authors are seeing more and more hybrid vehicles, and several major automakers ...

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  • Forest City Enterprises, Inc.: Successfully Matches Retailers With The Best Properties

    Case Studies // May 2011 // provided by ESRI

    Forest City Enterprises, Inc., an $11.8 billion real estate company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, operates under three strategic business units: commercial, residential, and land development. Much of Forest City Enterprises' success emanates from its strategy to diversify and capitalize on high-growth markets that have distinct competitive advantages. Forest City Enterprises ...

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