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  • Enriched IPTV Services Personalization

    White Papers // May 2012 // provided by France Telecom

    The advances in IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision) technology enable new user-centric and interactive TV model, in which context-awareness is promising in making users' interaction with the TV dynamic and transparent. This paper deals with the problem of achieving user-centric personalized IPTV services applying context-awareness. The authors present a solution for ...

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  • Adding Self-Scaling Capability to the Cloud to Meet Service Level Agreements

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by France Telecom

    Cloud computing raises many issues about Virtualization and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Topics to be addressed regarding services in Cloud computing environment include contractualization, monitoring, management, and autonomic management. Cloud computing promotes a \"Pay-per-use\" business model. It should enable to reduce costs but requires flexible services than can be adapted, e.g., ...

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  • Network Capacity Enhancement of OFDMA System Using Self-Organized Femtocell Off-Load

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by France Telecom

    As plug-and-play devices, femtocells are expected to be self-managed, empowered by self-organization functionalities. This paper presents a Self-Organizing Networks (SON) process for off-loading macrocell traffic towards Open Subscriber Group (OSG) femtocells. The off-loading process comprises two SON functionalities: the first configures the femtocell transmitted pilot power, which depends on the ...

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