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  • Non Profit

    White Papers // Mar 2010 // provided by Free Articles

    The advertising tells you that your donation to help a child living in extreme hardship will make a difference in that child's life. But the debate still rages as to how much of a difference it really makes. Putting aside emotions, it's worth looking at the arguments to see if ...

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  • Cue Cards - Useful Tool Or A Hindrance To Public Speaking Success?

    White Papers // Jan 2008 // provided by Free Articles

    One reason for using cue cards is that it takes emphasis off memorisation and puts it on delivery. Young speakers do not necessary have to memorise their speech but they should be at least very familiar with it so that cue cards become only a backup when their memory lapses. ...

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  • 10 Tips To Job-Winning Interviews

    White Papers // Aug 2007 // provided by Free Articles

    These days, you have to work hard to get a serious job interview. After running just one want ad, recruiters will see thousands of resumes. So getting picked for an interview is a reason to celebrate. But after celebrating The Call, plan for success. You'll have limited time to impress ...

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