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  • Forecast: Sizing The Cloud; Understanding The Opportunities In Cloud Services

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Gartner

    This research paper presents Gartner's sizing of the current market for cloud services and a forecast for its growth during the next five years. Cloud services comprise many different market segments, some representing activity that is being reclassified as cloud services, and some consisting of new products and services. All ...

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  • Office 365: The Exchange Implications

    White Papers // Nov 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Office 365 in many ways is the first true Microsoft collaboration cloud offering. The current BPOS incarnation is based on the 2007 wave of products - Exchange, Office Communications Server (OCS) and SharePoint - the design of which commenced in 2003; long before cloud provisioning was a market force. In ...

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  • Microsoft Cloud 2.0, This Time With Office

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Microsoft is including Office as part of its cloud strategy to combat potential market incursions from Google and other vendors. Available with some bundles for an additional $6/month, Office Web Apps is less expensive than Office, but its limited feature set means it will only lightly cannibalize traditional Office. A ...

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  • Strategic Direction and Timing in Education: Mashing Up the Strategic Technology Map and the Hype Cycle

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by Gartner

    The institutional benefit realization from IT investments is today usually dependent on good understanding of the objectives by a large number of decision makers as well as end users. It is in this context that tools that help the CIO forge and execute a strategic direction through collaboration and communication ...

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  • Application Infrastructure For Cloud Computing: A Growing Market

    White Papers // Mar 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Users will be challenged and served by these technology trends. Most will find a mix of on-premises application infrastructure and cloud application infrastructure services to be the best answer. However, the proportion of the two approaches will differ among users, industries and geographies. It will also change over time. Companies ...

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  • Cloud Computing Key Initiative Overview

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Cloud is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-related capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies. Cloud computing can help enterprises improve the creation and delivery of IT solutions, by allowing them to access services more flexibly and cost-effectively. In public cloud computing, ...

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  • Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Today, most data warehouses are mission-critical (see Note 1), serving in an increasingly mixed workload capacity (see Note 2), including as a data source for online applications. "Deep mining" analysts and business analysts are running more ad hoc but equally complex queries and fast-running tactical queries, each with differing service-level ...

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  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Office

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by Gartner

    Migration to Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 involves moving all or part of the enterprise to new Operating Systems (OSs) that promise longer support time frames, greater efficiency and ease of use. Enterprises are concerned with how to best migrate their OSs, some from Windows Vista and others from ...

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