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  • Building the Business Case for Cloud SSO

    White Papers // Dec 2013 // provided by Gemalto

    There are many compelling reasons to add Single Sign-On (SSO) to the cloud applications their business uses. Maybe the user want to get better control over the cloud-based applications employees and contractors are using for their business. Perhaps the user are worried about insecure or shared passwords. People might be ...

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  • Identity and Access Management in the Cloud: A Primer

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by Gemalto

    Enter cloud-based applications. Businesses using cloud applications have a whole new set of challenges around managing identity for applications that are inherently outside their control. Their users may not even be within their own networks when connecting to cloud-based applications on the business' behalf. Whether people are accessing hosted email, ...

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  • Two-Factor Authentication for Cloud Applications

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by Gemalto

    The One-Time Password (OTP) can be a special case. It's a pin or password generated at the time of the connection - hence something the user know. It has a very short life, so even if a keylogger steals it, they cannot use it. But if the user have the ...

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  • A Protection Scheme for Moc-Enabled Smart Cards

    White Papers // Dec 2006 // provided by Gemalto

    The concept of Match-on-Card (MoC) consists of a smart card which receives an applicant's candidate template T to be compared with the stored reference template Tref by processing the complete matching algorithm during a biometric authentication request. The smart card will then output whether this comparison is positive or not. ...

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