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  • Downloads // Nov 2008

    Take back control of Vista's default programs and the Open With list

    Ever had one application establish itself as the default for a certain file type against your wishes? In Microsoft Windows Vista, with some specialized knowledge and some tweaking, you can regain control over your default applications, especially when it comes to the Open With menu. In this edition of the...

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  • Downloads // Nov 2008

    Increase Vista performance by trimming startup programs

    If you're currently running Microsoft Windows Vista on a system with only 1GB of RAM you know that the system can, at times, be frustratingly slow -- especially when you are running extremely memory intensive applications. You can bump up Vista performance by trimming back startup programs that may not...

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  • Downloads // Oct 2008

    Know what to do when Check Disks malfunctions in Vista

    The Check Disk application in Microsoft Windows Vista can sometimes malfunction, causing problems during the boot process. In answer to several TechRepublic member questions, Greg Shultz explores the problems in this issue of the Windows Vista Report, and describes how to permanently fix them. This download is also available as...

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  • Downloads // Sep 2008

    How do I... Use the Vista Check Disk tool for hard disk analysis?

    In most cases, Vista will recognize hard disk problems and automatically schedule Check Disk to run the next time the computer is restarted. However, if you're the proactive type, you might want to keep tabs on the status of your hard disk's health yourself rather than wait for Vista to...

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  • Downloads // Aug 2008

    How do I... Recover a damaged Windows XP user profile?

    A user profile on a Windows XP system contains all the files and settings needed to configure your work environment. If the user profile becomes damaged, The operating system will then automatically create a new user profile and log you into this new profile complete with default settings. Greg Shultz...

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  • Downloads // Jul 2008

    Run UAC restricted programs without the UAC prompt

    Greg Shultz shows you how to create a task in Task Scheduler that will launch an application with the highest available privileges in Microsoft Windows Vista, and then he shows you how to create a shortcut to run that application anytime you want. This download is also available as an...

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  • Downloads // Feb 2007

    Illustrated walk-through: Creating a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP

    A bootable flash drive can come in handy--but trying to create one might have you pulling out your hair. Windows expert Greg Shultz shares the method he followed, from configuring the BIOS to allow the USB port to act as a bootable device to creating a bootable image of Windows...

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