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  • Getting Quality From Fiberglass Insulation

    White Papers // Jul 2002 // provided by Hanley Wood

    Blown-in insulation products are the way to go if quality is the top priority. Correctly done, a blown-in job has inherent quality control, making it the simplest and best way to eliminate heat-wasting gaps or voids in exterior walls. But blown-in insulation products cost more than fiberglass batts, so most ...

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  • Designing Concrete Basement Walls

    White Papers // Apr 2002 // provided by Hanley Wood

    Concrete basement walls are designed to do two main jobs. One job is supporting the house; the other is holding back the pressure of soil against the side of the basement. Considering the nature of concrete, holding up the weight of the house is the lesser worry. Concrete's compressive strength ...

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  • Cordless Tool Kits

    White Papers // Mar 2002 // provided by Hanley Wood

    In this hands-on review, the tool tester takes a close look at five cordless kits that contain the essentials -a circular saw, a recip saw, and a drill. Advances in battery technology means the cordless versions of bigger, more powerful tools like demo hammers, miter saws, jigsaws, and routers. But ...

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  • Retrofitting a Whirlpool Tub

    White Papers // Sep 2001 // provided by Hanley Wood

    In this article a bathroom renovation specialist explains how to select and install a jetted tub in an existing bath. There are two types of whirlpool installations: island and alcove. Although the photos of island (or drop-in) installations look great in manufacturers' brochures, few of the bathrooms are spacious enough ...

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  • Making Brick Repairs Disappear

    White Papers // Jul 2001 // provided by Hanley Wood

    Brick repairs where the new mortar and brick dose not match the original - they're visible from half a block away. Yet with a little extra effort, you can make a brick repair blend in so that it's almost unnoticeable. This article explains some of the tricks used to make ...

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  • Two Simple Curved Walls

    White Papers // Apr 2001 // provided by Hanley Wood

    The paper highlights the fact that if the radius isn't too tight, building curved walls is straightforward. The paper basically describes a whole-house remodeling project that makes use of two different techniques for framing curved walls - one for an exterior wall and one for an interior wall. The plans ...

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  • Reducing Drywall Callbacks

    White Papers // Jan 2001 // provided by Hanley Wood

    One of the common callback is the call about an edge crack on a corner bead, or a popped screw or nail along the top edge of a wall particularly after the first heating season, when the framing has dried and settled. This article explains the techniques and materials that ...

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