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  • Active Directory and the Cloud

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by HyperOffice

    This paper, however, barely touches upon the power of HOAS. It is an incredibly powerful and extendible tool and may be used to implement almost any imaginable custom scenario. In conjunction with HOAS, a custom module may be implemented within HyperOffice, which can receive requests from HOAS or communicate with ...

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  • HyperOffice and the On-Line Collaboration Marketplace

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by HyperOffice

    Collaboration is moving on-line. Dozens of products designed for the on-line collaboration market have appeared, some with remarkable success. Marquee desktop and server-based products are moving on-line. Now that more people do their computing from some kind of portable device (laptop, desktop, tablet, SmartPhone) rather than from a desktop computer, ...

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  • Cloud Computing - Threat or Opportunity for VARs & MSPs?

    White Papers // Feb 2011 // provided by HyperOffice

    To have a complete understanding of the opportunities and challenges the cloud era poses for resellers, MSPs and the Channel in general, it makes sense to study multiple concurrent forces at play in the IT landscape which are driving change. Moreover, this whitepaper highlights the Channel opportunities in the specific ...

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