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  • Software Transactional Memory Friendly Slot Schedulers

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by IIT

    In this paper, the authors discuss the design space of highly concurrent linearizable data structures for slot scheduling. They observe that it is not possible to have high fairness across threads, and maximize throughput of the entire system simultaneously. Lock free algorithms are very fast, yet very unfair, and wait ...

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  • OptiKit: An Open Source Kit for Simulation of On-Chip Optical Components

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by IIT

    In this paper the authors present the design of OptiKit - an open source kit for simulating passive optical devices in embedded photonics based chips. OptiKit includes models for waveguides, parallel waveguides, multiple MMI devices, Y junctions, directional couplers, and waveguide bends. They describe the structure, basic physics, possible applications ...

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  • A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Data Delivery

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by IIT

    A variety of emerging wide area applications challenge existing techniques for data delivery to users and applications accessing data from multiple autonomous servers. In this paper, the authors develop a framework for comparing pull based solutions and present dual optimization approaches. The first approach maximizes user utility while satisfying constraints ...

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  • Lock-free and Wait-free Slot Scheduling Algorithms

    White Papers // Feb 2013 // provided by IIT

    Scalable scheduling is being increasingly regarded as an important requirement in high performance systems. There is a demand for high throughput schedulers in servers, data-centers, networking hardware, large storage systems, and in multi-cores of the future. In this paper, the authors consider an important subset of schedulers namely slot schedulers ...

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  • Security Verification Using Crowd Sourcing

    White Papers // Jan 2013 // provided by IIT

    X-as-a-service is gaining widespread attention in recent years. SECaaS (SECurity-as-a-Service) is no exception. In this paper, the authors propose a secure architecture using crowd sourcing for security verification as a service. This architecture relies on the collaboration and volunteer contribution of resources by various users, to reduce total cost of ...

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  • Building Resilient Cloud Over Unreliable Commodity Infrastructure

    White Papers // Aug 2012 // provided by IIT

    Cloud Computing has emerged as a successful computing paradigm for efficiently utilizing managed compute infrastructure such as high speed rack-mounted servers, connected with high speed networking, and reliable storage. Usually such infrastructure is dedicated, physically secured and has reliable power and networking infrastructure. However, much of user's idle compute capacity ...

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  • Privacy-Preserving Interest-Casting in Opportunistic Networks

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by IIT

    Message forwarding is a fundamental brick to spread information among users in opportunistic networks. In this paper, the authors consider the recently proposed interest-casting networking primitive for opportunistic networks, according to which a packet generated by a sender should be delivered to all users in the network - potentially unknown ...

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  • Path Congestion Control in Centralized Autonomous System

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by IIT

    In this paper, the authors analyze the importance of a centralized controller based system with congestion over the network. Some previous researches show validity of the centralized controller by experiments. However, the effectiveness has not proved analytically. Therefore, this paper provides an idea for the congestion control over the path ...

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  • UsiFe: An User Space Filesystem with Support for Intra File Encryption

    White Papers // Oct 2011 // provided by IIT

    In this paper, the authors proposes a new paradigm for the design of cryptographic filesystems. Traditionally, cryptographic file systems have mainly focused on encrypting entire files or directories. In this paper, the authors envisage encryption at a finer granularity, i.e. encrypting parts of files. Such an approach is useful for ...

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  • Improving Capacity of Soft Handoff Performance in Wireless Mobile Communication Using Macro Diversity

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by IIT

    The soft handoff is a process on transferring the on going call from one radio resource to another radio resource without any interruption. Rather, mobile unit looks next base station for possible new connection without breaking the old connection. This transfer of call takes place, when the mobile unit moves ...

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