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  • Building Mobile Android Applications

    White Papers // Jun 2010 // provided by Imaginea

    Even though Android was created for handsets, there is a great opportunity for developing other innovative devices on the Android platform with significant optimizations and additions required to optimize Android for other connected devices. With no licensing and lengthy application review process, the Android Market is growing faster than any ...

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  • Cloud and e-Governance

    White Papers // Mar 2010 // provided by Imaginea

    This white paper describes the role of Cloud computing standards and architectures in framing a good E-Governance strategy. Governments can realize the potential benefits of Information Technology when providing e-services, more quickly. E-Services deliver cost-effective services that drive the growth of the economy and government productivity. Cloud Computing provides a ...

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  • Building Applications for the Cloud ? Challenges, Experiences and Recommendations

    White Papers // Mar 2010 // provided by Imaginea

    Web applications need to be highly reliable. They must scale dynamically, as users and data volumes increase. Scaling up offers the biggest challenge and many have taken it on by adding more resources. However, this can be a very expensive proposition for many organizations. This paper examines the issues involved ...

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  • Enterprise Mashup Platforms - A QA Perspective

    White Papers // Nov 2009 // provided by Imaginea

    Much before the advent of digital data, man grappled with the problem of storage, retrieval and representation of data. It is in this context that Mashups have gained prominence. Testing mashup products; especially platforms, needs an expertise one would expect in a technologically intensive product. Add to this, the ability ...

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