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  • Procurement From Multiple Suppliers Using Options

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by INFORMS

    This paper studies the design of procurement mechanisms when a manufacturer purchases from multiple suppliers that are heterogeneous in their production costs and salvage values. The option to purchase from different suppliers helps the manufacturer hedge against demand risk. The authors first consider the case when the set of suppliers' ...

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  • Observed And Unobserved Preference Heterogeneity In Brand-Choice Models

    White Papers // Aug 2006 // provided by INFORMS

    This paper extends the scanner-based choice literature by explicitly incorporating individual-level brand-preference data. The authors illustrate this model using a unique data set that combines survey and scanner data collected from the same individuals. The addition of individual-specific brand-preference information significantly improves fit and prediction. Furthermore, this "observed" heterogeneity better ...

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