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  • Static Scheduling in Clouds

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Institute of Science and Technology

    Cloud computing aims to give users virtually unlimited pay-per-use computing resources without the burden of managing the underlying infrastructure. The authors present a new job execution environment Flextic that exploits scalable static scheduling techniques to provide the user with a flexible pricing model, such as a trade-off between different degrees ...

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  • The Complexity of Quantitative Information Flow Problems

    White Papers // Apr 2011 // provided by Institute of Science and Technology

    In this paper, the authors investigate the computational complexity of Quantitative Information Flow (QIF) problems. Information-theoretic quantitative relaxations of noninterference (based on Shannon entropy) have been introduced to enable more fine-grained reasoning about programs in situations where limited information flow is acceptable. The QIF bounding problem asks whether the information ...

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