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  • Client Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Intel

    Arguably computation models seen in client space are much more diverse than those in the server space proper. For servers, there are essentially two, the earlier model of static consolidation and the more recent dynamic model where virtual machines lightly bound to their physical hosts and can be moved around ...

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  • An Introduction to Building Intelligent Systems

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by Intel

    Consumers are now demanding and expecting more from technology. Building intelligence into our devices is a promising way to satisfy this demand by providing more personalized experiences. In Building Intelligent Systems, the authors investigate how computer vision, machine learning, and data mining can be used together to build smarter devices ...

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  • A Systematic Methodology to Architecting High Performance Storage Systems

    White Papers // Oct 2013 // provided by Intel

    A good storage system is a well-balanced system in which each individual component is suited for its purpose and all the components fit together to achieve optimal performance. Designing a large scale, high performance storage system presents significant challenges. This paper describes a systematic approach to designing a storage system, ...

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  • Implementing Self-Service BI to Improve Business Decision Making

    White Papers // Apr 2013 // provided by Intel

    Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) represents a paradigm shift in the way businesses use their data. By enabling end users to combine and analyze large amounts of data, self-service BI provides a pathway to better decision making across the enterprise. Yet effective decision making for core business processes often requires trusted ...

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  • Securities Transactions Get Speed With Cloud

    Case Studies // Mar 2013 // provided by Intel

    Need to build a solid IT system foundation. Ensure a stable IT environment to carry out any securities transaction activities and launch new services efficiently, ensure fast flow of securities transactions and meet other complex commercial applications. The solutions provided for these challenges were carry out comprehensive architectural planning, ensure ...

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  • Powering Breakthroughs

    Case Studies // Feb 2013 // provided by Intel

    CERN's IT department is committed to providing the information technology required by the experiments it hosts. They require a lot of computing power and storage to do research and to effectively support complex applications and calculations, the IT team must keep up with technological developments. Intel has given solutions to ...

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  • Energy-Efficient Interconnect Via Router Parking

    White Papers // Dec 2012 // provided by Intel

    The increase in on-chip core counts in Chip MultiProcessors (CMPs) has led to the adoption of interconnects such as Mesh and Torus, which consume an increasing fraction of the chip power. Moreover, as technology and voltage continue to scale down, static power consumes a larger fraction of the total power; ...

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  • A Mutual-Information Based Power Allocation Algorithm for Multi-Layer Rate Splitting Scheme in Tri-sectored Wireless Networks

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by Intel

    Cell-edge users inevitably suffer from strong interference from adjacent cells, and consequently their throughput will decrease. Recent investigations show that the Han-Kobayashi (HK) rate splitting scheme is the best known strategy to mitigate the interference for a two-user interference channel. However, its receiver is too complicated to implement in practical ...

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  • Correlation-Based Cell Search and Measurement for LTE and LTE-A

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by Intel

    Quick detection and accurate measurement of multiple cells surrounding the User Equipment (UE) are essential to ensure the mobility and QoS of end users. In LTE and LTE-A, multiple cells are often time synchronized or quasi-synchronized so that weak cells "Eclipsed" by strong interfering cells are difficult to detect. In ...

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  • Strengthen Cloud Security With Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions

    Case Studies // Aug 2012 // provided by Intel

    Tier 3 knows the value of protecting data. As a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud software and federated cloud services, Tier 3 helps organizations securely expand their infrastructure into the cloud without incurring large capital expenses or additional administrative overhead. If the users encrypt data using software-only AES, they run ...

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