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  • Intel HD Graphics with Dynamic Frequency Technology

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by Intel

    This paper is to explain what Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Frequency Technology is and how it complements Intel Turbo Boost Technology. The paper will also explain how the user can interact with the technology to further enhance the computing experience. This integration of Central Processor Unit (CPU), memory controller and ...

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  • Quantifying DNS Namespace Influence

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by Intel

    Name resolution using the Domain Name System (DNS) is integral to today's Internet. The resolution of a domain name is often dependent on namespace outside the control of the domain's owner. In this paper, the authors review the DNS protocol and several DNS server implementations. Based on their examination, they ...

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  • Technology: Your Roadmap to Small-Business Success

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by Intel

    In the past two decades, computers and the Internet have changed the world. People now communicate faster, more often, and in different ways. Likewise, businesses operate differently - processing and storing more information, reaching out to new markets, and managing operations more efficiently. The advent of technology has ensured that ...

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  • Replatforming the Enterprise Backbone

    Case Studies // Feb 2012 // provided by Intel

    Eli Lilly, a leading innovation-driven corporation, is developing a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical products by applying the latest research. Their challenges are to implement Unicode, an ASCII alternative that supports Asian character, to eliminate RISC platforms and virtualize wherever possible and support 50,000 SAP users and deliver performance that is ...

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  • Intel QuickPath Architecture

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by Intel

    Through its rapid "Tick-tock" cadence for microprocessor innovation, Intel introduces a new micro architecture or a new process technology (that includes enhanced micro architecture features) nearly every year. The result is a cycle of industry-leading microprocessor performance. At the same time, the company also continuously looks for other ways to ...

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  • 2nd Generation Intel Core VPro Processor Family

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by Intel

    The 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processor family delivers visible benefits in intelligent security, greater manageability, and adaptable performance. Intelligent security is built in, with hardware-based features that can prevent malicious attacks, automatically isolate infected systems, and respond faster when a problem occurs. Authorized IT administrators can now remotely access, ...

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  • Solving Intel IT's Data Storage Growth Challenges

    White Papers // Jan 2012 // provided by Intel

    Intel IT is using a variety of techniques to accommodate growing demand for storage capabilities, without increasing costs. In 2011 Intel faced a 53 percent increase in storage capacity from 2010, and the continued build out of the authors' private cloud could increase this demand even further. They are managing ...

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  • Intel Cloud Builders: HyTrust and Cloud Computing Security

    Webcasts // Jan 2012 // provided by Intel

    In this webcast, the presenters describe a comprehensive cloud security solution that addresses security concerns at the base layer and establishes a unified policy by using Intel Trusted Execution Technology.

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  • Best Practices for Building an Enterprise Private Cloud

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by Intel

    Intel IT has achieved significant progress on the authors' multi-year initiative to build an enterprise private cloud. By implementing a cloud strategy, they have saved USD 9 million to date - and they anticipate approximately USD 14 million Net Present Value (NPV) over the next four years. Intel IT has ...

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  • Improving the Embedded Intel Architecture Design Process with Simics

    White Papers // Nov 2011 // provided by Intel

    Embedded system design can be a challenging and lengthy process due to complexity introduced by system, hardware and software interactions and unique design constraints. The products often use non-standard components, adopt unique form factors and have the requirements to sustain/validate customized OS/software/drivers. The products often have a very long life ...

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