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  • Driving Digital Transformation via Rapid App Development

    Ebooks // Nov 2015 // provided by Intuit

    Building applications for every facet of an organization is the norm in today's "digitally transformed" world. Rapid application development (RAD) is essential to meeting the fast-paced demands of this new paradigm. Enabling this better application delivery method involves changing how IT operates, evaluates technology, and engages outwardly. This eBook ...

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  • The Untapped IT Strategy: Unleashing Citizen Development

    Webcasts // Oct 2015 // provided by Intuit

    Historically, Citizen Development has been broadly used to describe the value of non-IT employees within business application development. Gartner recently found that, “by 2020 at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful Citizen Development policies, up from 20% in 2010.” To date, most IT leaders have focused ...

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  • The State of Citizen Development Report September 2015

    White Papers // Oct 2015 // provided by Intuit

    The previously distinct worlds of business and internal IT are converging more every day. While these two functions were once at odds with one another, new low-code technology now enables productive ways for the two groups to collaborate. Today a new class of “Citizen Developers” is rising within business organizations ...

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  • The Environmental Benefits of Going Green: Let#$#s Make Our Planet Green

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by Intuit

    Over the last few decades, green computing has proven itself to be the most concerning issue for governments and businesses around the globe as computing becomes increasingly more pervasive. The way in which the users are doing business or living as a society, is environmentally unsustainable. Rising energy prices are ...

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  • Quickbooks on Cloud: Surviving and Thriving in the World of Cloud

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Intuit

    With the accounting industry moving towards cloud on a fully online working model, users believe that moving their applications to the cloud is the best option they have. Hosting QuickBooks desktop edition means that the service provider installs and manages the software and files on their cloud-based servers. Users don't ...

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  • Free 30 Day Trial: Customizable Business Software with Intuit QuickBase

    Downloads // Sep 2012 // provided by Intuit

    Intuit QuickBase revolutionizes the way people work by enabling professionals to quickly create their own cloud-based applications and drive vastly improved team productivity. Finding a solution to meet your needs is faster than ever. Come see why over 50 of the Fortune 100 companies trust Intuit QuickBase to help their ...

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  • Creating A Budget For Your Small Business: The Basics

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by Intuit

    Your small business budget is one of the most powerful planning tools you have, as long as you use it well. Along with your business plan, the financial blueprint you create with your business budgeting software will help you make important decisions and assist you in staying on course throughout ...

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