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  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by Investopedia

    It can be hard to understand how stock analysts come up with "Fair value" for companies, or why their target price estimates vary so wildly. The answer often lies in how they use the valuation method known as discounted cash flow (DCF). However, one don't have to rely on the ...

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  • The Great Gap

    White Papers // May 2006 // provided by Investopedia

    Wall Street is myopically focused on a minority of large-cap stocks, leaving the majority of stocks under-followed AND UNDERVALUED. Wall Street is focused on the big caps because that's where the investment banking (and big profits) are. Small/Micro/Nano stocks with solid fundamentals and great investment potential have been left to ...

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  • How to Read Footnotes - Part 3: Evaluating the Board of Directors

    White Papers // Nov 2003 // provided by Investopedia

    In theory, the board is responsible to the shareholders and is supposed to govern a company's management. In reality, the board has become a servant of the CEO, who is typically also the chairman of the board. But the role of the board of directors has come under scrutiny in ...

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